The Zoe Robinson Appeal

A project by: Aston University

pledged of £5,000 target
Helping students - in memory

Remembering Zoe

Zoe Robinson was an Aston student who tragically passed away in 2016, shortly before she was due to graduate.

She believed education was for everyone and that by getting a good education herself it would help her to achieve things that would improve the lives of others.

What this Appeal Supports

In 2019, Zoe's parents made the inaugural donation to the Appeal, requesting that it be used to help others take part in the graduation ceremonies that Zoe herself never got to attend. 

Since then, The Zoe Robinson Graduation Fund has generously supported students from less advantaged backgrounds with the cost of their gowns. Gifts ensure as many students as possible are able to enjoy their graduation day free from financial worry, with your donation helping towards the cost of hiring graduation gowns.

In 2023, the Fund supported 58 students. On behalf of Aston University and all the students you have supported, thank you.


Graduation is a celebration of achievement and a formal recognition of the efforts made by students. It is a day for memories that will last a lifetime and every student who has qualified has the right to attend. The Zoe Robinson Appeal means that many more students, who might otherwise have decided not to attend for financial reasons, can share the day with their friends and family.

Gown hire is £45. Can you gift a gown?

Whether you choose to to part-fund one gown, gift a whole gown, or even gift ten gowns, whatever support you lend will make a difference. 

Help us succeed

Please donate today if you are able. Please also share this project with anyone you think might have an interest in helping.