The Forward Fund

A project by: Aston University

pledged of £200,000 target
Supporting Aston Students

The Difference You Make

Each year hundreds of alumni and friends like you make donations to support students at Aston. The Forward Fund brings together different areas where your help can make a real difference. By making a gift you are supporting where there is the greatest need and giving students of all backgrounds a level playing field. Aston’s students traditionally come from less financially secure backgrounds than other top universities, meaning they are particularly vulnerable to steeply rising costs. To keep talented students in education and give them access to the best future, we are addressing the most pressing challenges they face immediately. A gift to the Forward Fund is an investment in those who will make the most of it.


Most Aston students hold down part-time jobs to support themselves. Rising costs of everyday essentials and accommodation mean that for many students this is no longer enough. Some are placed in the position of having to sacrifice study time for more shifts, or are dropping out of education altogether. Giving to the Forward Fund will help more students get the balance right and stay to finish their degrees.

A ticket to success

Many students commute to campus and are struggling to meet the cost of these journeys. Education is a ticket to success, so Aston aims to provide support with a monthly travel contribution to those students facing the steepest difficulties with transport. This ensures that they get to every lecture and can play a full part in campus life. Your gift to the Forward Fund could help a student stay on track.

Staying connected

In a digital world, staying connected is essential for students’ educations and futures. Students from less secure backgrounds often have insufficient access to reliable equipment, having to share out-of-date laptops with siblings, or even just borrowing them from friends when they can. Aston has issued nearly 300 laptop and broadband grants in the past year, made possible by supporter donations, so these students don’t fall behind. Your gift can help close the digital gap further.

Long term

The Forward Fund also continues to support through longer term projects, like scholarships. The brightest students can come from any background, so scholarships mean students with good grades don’t have to compromise their educations in order to make ends meet. Last year over 50 students received scholarships funded entirely by alumni and friends of Aston, which will benefit them throughout their full course. Your gift can give the brightest prospects the chance to shine from their very first day at Aston. 

• £100 could support a week of travel for 10 students who commute to campus

• A gift of £500 could provide a laptop and help with broadband costs

• A monthly gift of £100 could fund a scholarship during a full degree course

 Help us succeed

Please donate today if you are able. Please also share this project with anyone you think might have an interest in helping.