Covid 19 - Student Emergency Hardship Fund

A project by: Aston University


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A donation receipt would be appreciated as the Canada Revenue Agency does recognize donations to Aston University as a tax credit. Every little bit helps this senior as well...:-)

We’ve donated £4.5m to our 85 partner universities in a commitment to support students in these uncertain times & make a positive impact in the communities. Now more than ever we're all in this together.

It is my pleasure to help Aston Business School, where I achieved master degree and spent great time to understand business essentials and more important to expand my horizon to global view. The school shaped me as a professional technology business person with high integrity, global strategic view and management capabilities. Base on those, I can now operate my private technology company and provide secured, high performance with low cost, international SD-WAN services for enterprise customers in APAC, NA, UK, and EMEA. Really appreciate The Aston Business School. I just hope my little donation could help all gratifying resilience and finally brighten all students campus-time memory in this school.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.....” Nelson Mandela 2003

I hope this goes some way to helping a student in difficulties at the moment. We're with you #TeamAston

Sending best wishes to the Aston community at this time. Hoping everyone stays safe.

Happy to support this wonderful fund!

Hope everyone stays safe and well

Wishing everyone at Aston the best in these tough times. We will be through it one day, until then please do all stay well and stay safe.

I am pleased to be able to support our students through these current times.

Glad to help .It is so necessary.

In solidarity

Great cause, wishing the best for fellow students! It’s a tough time for us all! The survey allows to check you’re a student but only gives a graduate year of up to 2020 which I put but I’ll graduate in 2022 not sure if this is important! Missing uni lots!

Delighted to help students in a difficult time – Aston opened so many opportunities for me, and I want to make sure as many people as possible can benefit from the same experience.

So pleased to be able to support our students during this time #TeamAston