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Harnessing young disabled adults entrepreneurial spirits

Enactus Aston are raising money for our incredible Give Project, but we need your help!

This project is helping to inspire and develop young adults with autism and visual impairments develop their entrepreneurial skills as well as general employability skills. The project is run by Enactus Aston, a social entrepreneurial society that aims to create a better, more sustainable world for us all. The project is headed by Zafirah Nurmamodo, a second year student who is passionate about equipping young disables adults with the skills they need to become entrepreneurs.

Project details:

The Give Project is a career enabling project that will teach these young adults how to create products, sell them and become entrepreneurs. This project is broken down into three parts:

  1. Product creation – the students are producing Christmas crackers to sell at markets, online and to businesses. The crackers are made from recycled materials and will include personal notes from the students with a fact about themselves or their disability. This will provide insight into the manufacturing process involved in production.
  2. Selling the product – the crackers will then be sold through various platforms and partnerships. This will develop their understanding of sales and e-commerce, and gives them a chance to think about businesses operations and the elements need for distribution of goods.
  3. Personal development – from January, the project will focus on helping the students develop their CV’s, create cover letters and any other appropriate workshops they might like. This will help them when applying for jobs and boost their confidence.
Each of these elements contribute to helping the project beneficiaries gain relevant skills to assist them with business creation and entrepreneurship. However, running this project take resources and that’s why we need you. Donations will be spent on the day-to-day running of the project. This includes things like travel costs, marketing material for selling the crackers, materials cost, refreshments for events and equipment hire.

Help us succeed!

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