Sports Wheelchairs for Aston SU

A project by: Annas Mazhar

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Completion Date: Fri 24 Jan 2020
Raising money to make Aston more inclusive in sport!

Summary of our Project

We are reaching out to our Aston Family to help promote awareness around disability sport with an end goal of creating a disability sports club here at Aston. Our current aim is to crowdfund a percentage of the money needed to buy 14 sports wheelchairs for a wheelchair sports club to be set up!.


I am the Vice President of Student Activities at Aston for 2019-20 and part of the goals set for this year is to make the SU more accessible and inclusive to all. With committee members from Aston Students' Union leading sports clubs getting involved in this groundbreaking project at Aston and we are devoted and determined,  alongside the elected Disability Officer, to improving all sports here at Aston.

Our Story

We as individuals understand the importance of what sport can mean to a person, be it physically, mentally and socially. So if we have the potential of bringing more people to be involved in sport then we will aspire to achieve this - which is why the next steps for us are to create a Wheelchair Sports Club.  

  • We aim to raise the necessary funds to purchase sports wheelchairs so that we can play a variety of inclusive sports without having to worry about the need to hire out wheelchairs, everyone will be able to use them for an event.. 
  • As mentioned we are a group of individuals who truly value sport and want this new club to run in conjunction with the many great sports we currently have at Aston Students' Union. This club will be available to all Aston Students so we can all experience the challenges daily challenges wheelchair users face as well as encouraging people with disabilities to take up sport.
  • We need your help to achieve this goal and help make Aston more inclusive, accessible and diverse in the long term. We believe sport is integral to improving student health and wellbeing as it helps to promote a community coming together!

Where Will The Money Go?

  • As mentioned above if we hit our target the money raised will be going towards collecting the necessary funds for the sports wheelchairs.
  • We will update the progress through Aston Students' Union social media pages as well as our sports club pages which are linked below. After launching on the Day of GO, we also aim to promote this campaign massively during Inclusive Week which starts on the 18th of November!
  • Please donate as much as you are able to because every little contribution helps. Your contribution will go a long way towards making Aston more inclusive in the long run! LET'S DO THIS!

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Website: Aston Students' Union

Instagram: @astoncobrasrfc , @aunetball , @astonhockey , @astonstagsfc , @astonbasketball

Twitter: @InvincibleWheel 

Facebook: Annas Mazhar VPSA 2019-20