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We need your help - oh yes we do!

What is this project?

We're raising funds to put on our performance of Snow White: a Pantomime.

Who is Aston Drama Society?

Our society consists of a range of different students from a multitude of degree backgrounds and experiences with theatre, but have all been united in our passion for acting on stage or in a classroom setting. We are a young society, having only been set up in 2015, but recently , we have been growing by large amounts. Off the back of our success last academic year with "Belonging", we want to make this year bigger and better in every way.

ThE story so Far...

Being an arts society in a STEM heavy university is a difficult enough challenge, but it is a challenge we are willing to face.

In order to put skills that we develop in workshops and rehearsal, we are putting on a performance of "Snow White: a Pantomime" within the next month. 

It is important to donate as we need to raise funds to be able to put on the performance we want to. By donating you will allow Aston Drama Society to put on the performance we've been rehearsing for so long!

Why do we need so much money?

Reaching the minimum goal will allow us to put our show on, as it will encompass the costs associated with hiring a venue for our show, which costs around £325 for one day.

Any money over this amount will allow us to buy better costumes, and to make the performance as great as it could possibly be.


We've organised some amazing rewards to for people who donate. Check them out!

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Help us succeed!

Please help us in whatever way you can! Even if you can't donate, we would appreciate if you could share this project on your social media as much as possible.  

Thank you for your help, and we're eager to see you at our performances soon!