Ramadan Project 2020

A project by: Aston University Islamic Society

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Completion Date: Wed 01 Apr 2020
Ramadan Project 2020

Assalamu 'Alaykum everyone!

Who are isoc?

We are the Aston Islamic Society; the university's biggest society with over 300 members.

Our aim is to create an ISoc that caters for the social, educational and religious needs of Muslim students at Aston. We host a variety of events to unite and educate students, these range from sports socials to inspirational talks.  

What is the RamadaN pROJECT?

Last year ISOC launched a campaign called the Ramadan Project. During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset meaning that over summer these fasts could last up-to 19 hours.

Living at home Muslims are used to enjoying a warm cooked meal with their loved ones. However, for many Aston students living away from home, opening their fast alone during exam season leaves them with little time to prepare a full meal and with barely any company can feel like an isolating experience.

We wanted to change this completely! Our aim was to create an environment where all felt welcome to join us for a free meal amongst hundreds of other students who are going through the same experience and would have otherwise eaten alone. As an ISoc we wanted to bring back the feeling and excitement of Ramadan to campus as we all sat down together to open our fast and pray together. 


Last year, we held 3 Iftars weekly feeding almost 150 students per night. This wouldn't have been possible without the help and donations received from staff, students and Alumni of Aston University. Following this month, we received many heart felt responses from students expressing just how much this project meant to them. 

This positive response inspired us to continue this Ramadan project for our fellow students. This year Ramadan will be during exam season, therefore we wish to relieve some worries of these students, so they can prioritise their studies whilst still having a full meal after a long day of fasting. We will be fundraising for costs towards hosting iftar 3 times a week. Each student will receive fruits, water and a main course meal. 

The Prophet ﷺ said "Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward" (Tirmidhi). No donation is too little (or too big!) and every penny counts for your scale of deeds.

Keep in your duas that this project is successful and inshaAllah this project will continue to be a legacy and success for many generations to come!  May Allah ﷻ accept all your donations and duas! Ameen.

Please share this page with all your family and friends to allow them to take part in this rewarding opportunity. 

Jazakumuallah Khairan.