Love is in the Heir - A Murder Mystery

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Stop! Murder Time.

LOVE IS IN THE HEIR - A murder mystery

Aston Drama Society is proud to present "Love is in the Heir- a murder mystery", written and directed by Aston's own Tahani Baldwin!

It's no surprise that the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on the world of live theatre. As a society, we've had to adapt and find new ways of staging performances for our audience. And whilst we've had some amazing performances in the last year (with a wonderful online Shakespeare show!), nothing beats performing in person again to a live audience, and we couldn't be happier to be back! And what better way to start in-person shows again...than with a fun and thrilling murder mystery!

Planning future society projects & keeping Aston Drama Society a thriving place for theatre would not be possible without the support of our audience. Tickets for the play are free for all, and we are asking for donations alongside to ensure that we can continue to give our members and audience the best possible drama experience!

Can you help the show go on? Pledge a donation today and help us stage the shows of tomorrow!


Set in the extravagant mansion of a renowned multi millionaire, Flora Remington and Sebastian Longbottom III call upon their loved ones to band together as they celebrate their union of love.

However, when tragedy strikes and the only witnesses were their warring families, a detective is called in to investigate the scene of the crime. When shocking revelations and ungodly truths are revealed, who will be left standing, and who will dare to strike next?

Welcome, distinguished guests, to the wedding of the century. Below, you will find tickets to enter this prestigious event and witness the binding of these two beloved souls.

Who are WE?

We are the Aston Drama Society, a group of international students who love to act. From beginners to more experienced actors, our society brings together a variety of talented people from different areas of study and different backgrounds.

What have WE been doing?

Since the creation of our society in 2016 we have performed in a variety of either well-known or self-written plays such as "Snow White", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Star Wars - A Forced Play" and "Romeo and Juliet- an online event" (online). You can watch both Star Wars & Romeo and Juliet online on our YouTube channel.

Outside of our sessions, we have also participated in themed "Murder Mysteries", joined events with other societies such as "WEST - Women in Engineering, Science and Technology" and attended press nights in conjunction with "The Birmingham Repertory" theatre.

Where will the money go?

Some examples of what we can use the donations for include:

  • Hiring proper lighting for future plays.
  • Costumes for future plays
  • Hiring special stage equipment.
  • Printing scripts for the whole cast.
  • Purchasing the licences for a variety of plays.
  • Inviting external specialist speakers to educate our members
  • Allowing our members to attempting writing and directing themselves


We are happy for any donation- big or small! To express our gratitude we prepared the following rewards for you:

Personalized rewards:

  • for £20 we will send you a signed card from the whole cast
  • for £30 we will send you the script of the play by email.
  • for £40 you will get a personalized "Thank-you" video from one of your favourite characters. (Write the name of the character in the comment section so that we know which one you would like to see!)

(T&Cs: Higher rewards include the rewards below them on the list. Anonymised donations will not receive rewards as we cannot verify them. Remember to tick the reward box on the right side!)

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Apart from donations you can help us immensely by sharing our cause with your friends and family on social media! We are looking forward to see you at our opening night of "Love is in the Heir".