Energy Bag for Aston Students' Exams

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Support us to provide an Aston student energy bag during exams

Who are We?

We are the Aston Students' Union, a democratic organisation and charity which is run by students for students. We campaign for what matters most to students and ensure that Aston students receive the best possible experience that they deserve.

What are energy bags?

Exams are one of the most stressful periods for any student. In addition, previous pandemic restrictions mean many students have not experienced in-person exams for 2-3 years, which can also generate increasing anxiety as January approaches. As the Students’ Union we are here to support our students during this time. With your help, we will distribute energy bags containing essentials to boost morale, keep up energy during long nights of revision, and help support students through vital exams.

Can you sponsor us and help us to help our students?

Where will your gift go?

Raising £2000 which will allow us to fill 500 Energy Bags, meaning 500 students get a boost when they need it most.

Just £20 will fill 5 bags, giving 5 students a lift as they enter this critical phase of their time at university!

We are committed to sustainability. We will be upcycling old su t-shirts to create new tote bags. This will be done by Aston Students’ Union staff, meaning no extra costs. We just need to fill the bags!

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If you are a business owner and want to help with products to give students a boost, please contact us directly at

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