Directed Emotion-Regulation

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Hi Everyone,

Please see below a summary of my studies findings.

The present study applied a novel approach to test the effectiveness of Interpersonal Emotion Regulation (IER) as an extension of Levy-Gigi & Shamay-Tsoory (2017).  We collected subjective ratings and Skin Conductance Responses (SCRs) to perform an evaluation of IER and did so in in a sample of young (18-34 years) and Older (60-81 years), individuals.   

We hypothesised (a) poorer emotion regulation (ER) in both groups (i.e., higher subjective ratings and SCRs) during the Watch condition compared to the Self-selected or Externally directed condition. As predicted both groups subjective arousal ratings in the Self-select condition were lower than during the Watch strategy.  Also, in the Externally directed condition the subjective rating was lower when participants were directed to regulate their emotions compared to when they self-selected or just watched the images. These findings support previous research that has shown directed ER is more effective than self-regulation (Levy-Gigi & Shamay-Tsoory, 2017).

These findings can be used in several ways to design interventions that can help improve older adults’ quality of life and prevent the suicidal ideation. While, affective well-being was reported to increase with age on average this was not the case for everyone considering individual differences. Also while a sense of limited time perspective as proposed by SST theory changes goals for most older people not everyone will show motivational changes and associated positivity affect.  Therefore, making it important to teach people with less adaptive abilities the use of specific emotional competencies found to underlie successful emotional well-being. An intervention like this experiment to direct individuals in ER could more effective than the waiting time to see a psychological professional, as prolonged inability to regulate emotions is ante precedent to emotional disorders. 

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A quick update on the development of this project. I'm recruiting from the Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing (ARCHA). So far, I've had a very good interest. I have started collecting data for this project. The completion date for this project is end of August so those of you who pledged for rewards will have their name included in the acknowledgement section of the completed report, others will receive a PDF version of the report.

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