Aston Cobra's crowdfund for filming equipment!

A project by: Henry Goode

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Completion Date: Thu 10 May 2018
We are looking to raise £1500 to pay for a new camera and additional maintenance.

Crowdfunding for Filming Equipment 2018

Who are the Cobra’s

Respect for the Individual - Aston University's Rugby Club prides itself on valuing each and every member of the team! Inclusion is at the heart of our practice; through team building we seek to establish trust and openness. The results from last year demonstrate this ethos in action as the 1st team were promoted to Division II Midlands by a record margin!

Aston University is incredibly diverse with students coming from many different social, cultural and economic backgrounds. We aim to involve everyone in the club set up. The Club enables access at all levels of the game, from touch to full contact. Our club recognises that anyone can feel like an outsider when starting university but we are here to help. We provide an opportunity to empower students, making a difference on and off the pitch.

Our project

The movement of Aston rugby club through the Midlands divisions has become increasingly competitive as we play at a higher standard. We find many of our opponents have video facilities at their disposal, providing them with an advantage. When playing each other twice a year we find our opponents are better prepared.

As Sun Tze says, “Every battle is won before it’s fought”.

We are looking to raise £1500 to pay for a new camera and other recording equipment, all additional funding will go towards training/maintenance. The equipment will be used to record game days and training sessions enabling us analysis our performance. A secondary use for the video facilities would be to film promotional footage for rugby, including events such as varsity, charity and others that we host.

We believe this will help us improve our skills and also the level of media output for our club. We want to widen our exposure to students inside and outside of university.

Success Stories

Recent Successes:

·       Aston University 1st XV have been promoted this year into Midlands 2A. Having only lost one game in the season, they won by a goal difference of 50 points and took the title. As a result, we got recognition from the RFU outlining the incredible season we had.

·       Aston University 2nd XV were able hold off their rivals Bedford to remain in Midlands division, as well as reaching the cup semi-final.

·       On the 25th of October, the club did a dye hair/shaved head charity event for MIND. Thirteen members of squad took part, using our range of media platforms we spread the word. This meant within a week we were able to raise over £1600 for the cause. As a club everyone pulled together for something bigger than the sport itself.

·       On 22nd of November the 1st XV beat Nottingham’s 3rd team to move onto the next stage of the cup. This was amazing, considering the number of injuries the squad had to deal with, coupled with the high quality of the competition Nottingham demonstrated weekly.

Breakdown of costs–

Camera £600 - 700+ (Cannon EOS 70D)

Tripod £30 - 40+

Umbrella £30 - 40+

Lighting £60+

Memory card £5 - 15+Carry case £35+

Adapters £15+

(all approximate values)

Predicted cost - £1000 - 1500

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Thank you for your support.