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A life changing programme aimed at helping refugees improve English, gain skills and find employment

Enactus Aston are raising money for our incredible Change for Change project, but we need your help!

This project is helping refugees learn better English, improve their CVs, practice interviews with industry professionals and network with business leaders with the aim of getting them into employment. The project is run by Enactus Aston, a social entrepreneurial society that aims to create a better, more sustainable world for us all. The project is headed by Uzair Ahmed, a final year student who is passionate about helping those who have come to this country for a better life.

Project details:

Chance for Change is a life changing project to find work for people to have come to this country, often to escape war and persecution, hoping for a better life. This project started last year and we managed to help 1 refugee find employment, this year we are aiming to get 30 into jobs they want. This amazing project is broken down into four parts:
  1. English language skill sessions – we will be providing refugees with a professional mentor to facilitate learning English language skills. This mentor will be a key contact for refugees in the professional world and be able to assist with insights, advice and provide opportunities for them to progress.
  2. CV and interview programme – we will provide refugees with the skills and training required for employment through targeted workshops. This varies from consultations with careers consultants to develop their CV/cover letter to practical interview workshops.
  3. Networking – we will be hosting networking sessions with refugee friendly organisations to help facilitate refugees into employment. There will be no refugee bias or discrimination from the employers. Hence this will increase the refugees’ changes of securing employment. 
  4. Soup kitchen – in the long run, we aim to set up a fully functional soup kitchen which is run by refugees, but to start we will have 2 refugees making and selling the soup on campus this year. These two people will be paid for their time and, in the future, as the business scales up more refugees will be recruited and trained. This is a way for the enterprise to generate income and to make it economically sustainable.  
Each of these elements contribute to helping the project beneficiaries gain relevant skills to assist them into employment. However, running this project take resources and that’s why we need you.

Donations will be spent on the day-to-day running of the project. This includes things like travel costs, marketing material for the soup kitchen, ingredients costs, refreshments for events, materials for workshops and equipment hire. 

Help us succeed!

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