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You Can Spark Ambition and Drive Female Empowerment

Aston WOmen in Business BallΒ 

AWB is more than just a society; it is a sisterhood geared to shaping women for the traditionally male-dominated field of business. This year we will celebrate 10 years as a society that has provided a platform and opportunities to women at every stage of their education in all aspects of their development to now being able to shatter societal expectation. 🌐

Our events are unique; we plan activities that seamlessly blend education and fellowship. Whether it's our panel events, corporate workshops, mentorship programs, or our highly anticipated annual Ball. 🌈

It's that time again! Aston Women in Business holds an annual ball on International Women's Day,πŸŽ‰ bringing together members, alumni and staff to celebrate all our terms' achievements in preparing females for professional careers, challenging stereotypes, and our initiatives to continue propelling Aston women to the forefront of the business world and within our school. πŸ’ͺΒ  This year, we will be celebrating our 10th year as a society with a themed ball 🎈 - a night of opulence dedicated to attendees to showcase not just one year's contribution, but 10 years of dedication, commitment and influence in the Aston community and beyond. 🌟

Who are you?

Aston Women in Business (AWB) is a community of ladies coming together to network with industry-leading business while forming lasting connection with like minded females of the future. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’ΌπŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

We provide a platform to connect and empower Aston students, providing them with the resources, networks and insights you need to succeed. AWB events gives members the opportunity to:

Connect with experience professional in today's leading business. 🀝

Share our journeys, industry knowledge and top tips. πŸ“š

Aspire to a successful future. 🌟

Where will the money go?

Breakdown of costs

  • Venue hire (one day with 3 course dining): Β£3500
  • AV equipment hire and stage: Β£500
  • Decoration in accordance to the theme Β£1200
  • Marketing and Advertisement: Β£250
  • Printing costs (flyer, ticket printing, thank you cards): Β£500
  • Event banner: Β£250Β 

Note that the breakdown comes to a total of Β£6200. But this is a general estimate and actual figures may vary based on negotiation, discounts and unforeseen circumstance πŸ“Š. We promise transparency and accountability in every penny spent,πŸ’° ensuring your support is creating a meaningful impact in the AWB society.Β 

In the event that we surpass our target, any additional funds will be strategically utilised to benefit the society and its members, offsetting expenses for upcoming events or for the next administrative body. πŸ’Ό

  • Donors can expect regular updates on our website and across our social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok). We'll share milestones, behind-the-scenes glimpse and impact on your contribution.Β  Additionally bi-weekly updates will be included on our email marketing through our mailing list.Β  πŸ“±


  • We have a list of rewards on the right hand side of this page. 🎁

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