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Aston Cocktail Society fundraising for inclusive interactive classes within the university

Our Goal!

The Aston Cocktail Society is aiming to raise £650 to fully cover the cost of hosting themed masterclasses for all students to take part in over the school term. This will help get rid of the subs that members have to pay for our events. Allowing more students to come and enjoy themselves in a fun manner.

Who are We?

We are the Aston University Cocktail Society; a brand new society that aims to tackle the social isolation between different years through the art of mixology while offering a fun environment for all.

Our Story!

The Aston Cocktail Society is open to all students (of legal age) who may have an interest in learning about the art of mixology, service and presentation of cocktails, and distillation of craft and other spirits.

The Society is very much focused on inclusivity, and takes the view that socialisation should not be lost in our increasingly technology-driven lives. The society will aim to provide a stimulating environment in which people can learn about and appreciate cocktails, all in a responsible but enjoyable manner.  

We plan to hold a variety of events both on and off campus, including themed socials where members can try their hand at making cocktails and run a mixture of events such as master classes. We always strive to provide the best possible experience for our members.

In order to remain an inclusive society each event will have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks (mocktails) for those who may opt not to have alcohol.

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum target, the money will go towards getting the equipment to host masterclasses. Once the full target is reached, we will be able to have monthly masterclasses for all to enjoy with the appropriate equipment and ingredients to enhance their experience. If things really take off and we raise more than our goal, the money will go towards planning to ensure this society lasts longer than its start-up year. 

We will be giving weekly updates on the progress of our overall goal.

You'll have comfort knowing that by donating to this project you have helped a new group of students become part of reputable society that encourages inclusivity and diversification. 

Help us Succeed!

The funds raised will be going to the following items:

  • Committee Shirts: £150
  • Cocktail Mixing Set: £100
  • Cups, Stirrers and other Cutlery: £75
  • Event Decorations: £100
  • Advertisement (Flyers and Cards): £50
  • Miscellaneous Incurred Items: £175

Find us here

To stay up to date on how our crowdfunding is going along with the progress of the society as a whole, we will be posting all updates to our Instagram page:


Thank you so much for your consideration and we hope you help us get on our feet by donating to our cause!