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Completion Date: Mon 02 Mar 2020
An exclusive chance to network with top employers and explore future career opportunities!

tHE Aston Bright Futures Society are hosting the FIRST STUDENT-LED CAREER FAIR on campus! 

The multi-company event will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 26th February 2020. It will focus on providing a chance for all Aston University students to network with some amazing brands whilst improving their employability skills, which will support them with their future job application processes.

Lets be honest, wouldn't you want a challenge mock assessment centre at one of the biggest brands before the application period?!

Our objective is to deliver a high quality event by having widely-recognised companies and organisations from different sectors. 

Who are we?

We are Aston Bright Futures Society part of the MyKindaFuture brand. The society has 7 committee members including an additional 4 brand ambassadors. We work with leading businesses across a wide range of sectors and organise employer-led events that benefits students at university who are looking for career-related opportunities.

We have around 73 members in our society in addition to 181 who are registered within the MyKindaFuture brand since August 2019.

We have already contacted 43 companies for the multi-company event. We are also looking to expand our network within the university and help as many students as possible with their career prospects.

Previous organisations we worked with have included Shell, Capgemini, Microsoft, and Deloitte - just to name a few!

Achievements of our society include:

• ‘Most Diverse Society of the Year’ in 2012/13

• ‘Most Inclusive and Diverse Society of the Year’ in 2016/17

• ‘President of the Year’ in 2016/17

• ‘Best Impact with Campus Networks’ in 2018/19

• ‘Society of the Year in 2019’ in 2018/19

why we had the idea to organise the first student-led career fair on campus:

• Bright Futures have never organised such a large event; this is a new challenge we have set ourselves. We want to help as many students as possible especially 1st years who are looking for internships, 2nd years who are undertaking a compulsory industrial placement programmes and final years who are looking for graduate opportunities.

• We want to collaborate with public and private sector companies; who are willing to present prospective students ranging from 1st years to final years who are looking for career opportunities to maximise their potential!

Its important for us as a brand and for the university to help students by having these types of events.Your donations will enable us to grow as a society and host new events aimed to help our peers. 

Schedule of the event:

Multi-Company Fair 

Sign up here: 

26th February, 12.30-5 PM, First Floor Hall

Santander Employability Session 

Sign up here: 

26th February, 2-3 PM, SU, Room 4 (First floor)

IBM Mock Assessment Centre 

Sign up here: 

26th February, 3-4 PM SU Room 4 (First floor)

To name a few brands that will be attending:

Where will the money go?

By the time this project ends we'd have already had our event. However in order for us to organise more of the same its important we reimburse our costs and put them towards the next event. 

Here's a breakdown of our costs for this event: 

Food and Refreshments including drinks - £160

Napkins (100 pack) - £4.00 each

Plastic plates (100 pack) – budgeted £2.00 each

Social media advertising - £10

T-shirts for brand ambassadors - £30

If we reach our full target of £600 the proceeds will go towards funding future events!

Find us and support our society!

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