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A short summary of my project

My aim is to heighten the student experience at university (starting with Aston University) through the development of my online platform; Alias Mobs. Alias Mobs is an event listing app which will provide student satisfaction, social networking opportunities and ensure retention rates in Birmingham. Alias Mobs will be specifically beneficial to International and 1st year students but also to the student population in general. It will provide its users with a seamless, efficient and enjoyable experience of finding university events and booking tickets, as well as promoting any events they'd like to host. 

Benefits To the University

  • A streamlined service which provides universities with industry defining support that enables them to consistently deliver events that exceed expectations of students.
  • Go paperless and save time- The ability to reduce overhead costs such as printing of wristbands. Branding yourselves as forward thinkers in your industry and building your brand individuality.
  • An opportunity to outsource a strenuous task to keen & dedicated students.

Initially Alias Mobs will be exclusive to Aston University as I want the new Students Union, its clubs and societies to make the most of this initiative and get ahead of the game. 

about me

My name is Farouk Braimoh and I am a final year student at Aston University studying International Business and Economics. I recently carried out a placement year at Deloitte working as a Tech Consultant. I am a big film buff, and when I am not watching movies I enjoy going boxing or immersing myself in self-improvement books. Starting my own business has always been something I have wanted to do; having the responsibility to create, execute and promote this idea not only excites me but also fills my entrepreneurial cravings. It can be a big risk but I definitely think it’s worth it. 

MY story

University is the place where you can begin envisioning your future, perhaps what you would like to do or achieve professionally. Perhaps you have realised your love for a specific area and are looking to expand and learn more through a postgraduate course. The one thing I have come to realise is that people get so wrapped up in ensuring they have everything figured out and don’t know when to give themselves a break.

I spent so much time studying that when I was not studying, I almost did not know what to do with myself and having a social life felt difficult. With this in mind, I wanted to create something that would make it easier for students to socialise and attend events hence i came up with Alias Mobs. Through Alias Mobs students can explore their city and it couldn't be simpler, all starting in the palms of their hands! 

I believe that this platform can: 

  • Improve retention rate in the city - If student have a better social network in the city then they have more of a reason to stay. Nowadays most student tend to return back home because they never get the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the city. 
  • Improve student satisfaction - From what I have witnessed, some students are not always as social as others and also tend to stick with their own group- particularly International students. My platform promotes diversity, rather than sticking with their own groups students have the opportunity to make new friends from different cities and countries.

Where will the money go?

To make Alias Mobs a reality I need your help! I have spent quite some time and conducted quite a lot of research into how the money will be spent in order to get the project on its way.

Cost Break down:

  • Website and app development: £4500 
  • App store payment - £99
  • Marketing -£300
  • Instagram ads (70p on average) per click
  • Facebook ads (30p on average) per click

With your help, the first thing I will do is put some money towards the development of the app as this is a major milestone. I have already financed some of this myself but having your support will mean i can take my project to the next stage. 

After development I will start putting some of the money towards marketing the products- the marketing aspect will be very powerful when it comes to circulation so this will require time, initiative and creativity to help promote the App.

I would love to keep you posted with my progress and update my supporters on a regular basis. This will establish where the money is going and the impact it’s making!  


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