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Aston Drama Society presents - BIG BAD WOLF from classic childhood stories- on trial for his acts.

THE project- "BIG BAD"

Aston Drama Society invites you to "BIG BAD".

Instead of selling tickets to this performance, we have decided that you can attend for absolutely free! All that we ask is that you kindly donate using this link in order to help us provide some amazing opportunities for our members!

our story

We are Aston Drama Society (ADS), an Aston University-based group, that provide a safe inclusive environment for drama lovers of all levels to explore and create! Although many students do not take drama as part of their degree, we have found many still have a burning passion for anything theatre-related. Our members can participate in the sessions as a hobby, as a gateway to a possible future career, or even as a healthy way of releasing stress- all things you can help us continue to provide. At ADS, we pride ourselves on helping our students thrive as actors, directors and script-writers in their own right, which has allowed us to create 2018's "Belonging" and 2019's "Star Wars"- both written and directed by our very own members. Even the pandemic couldn't stop us, leading to us adapting "Romeo and Juliet" online, and even creating an online original play "Love is in the Heir." Last year we had 'Pirates of the Aston Triangle- the quest for the lost holy grail'; our first play back in over 2 years! It was such a success, that we couldn't stop there, so Niha Sridhar; our society president, decided to direct BIG BAD, a play written by Alec Strum.

Where will the money go?

Your donations have already helped us so greatly in the past: Allowing us to fund partial tickets for our members to attend theatre productions, enabling us to buy new props, set designs and more. However, with more funding, we could meet even more incredible goals, such as:

  • Funding future productions (including costumes, props, stage spaces licencing) 
  • Obtaining professional lighting sound for productions
  • Allowing our members to attend professional workshops to expand their skill-set
  • Partially/Fully funding future theatre trips
  • Covering the cost of printing all copies for future scripts 
  • Allowing us to secure professional stage spaces for our members
  • Providing resources for even more of our members to attempt writing and directing themselves


We appreciate any donation- big or small! To express our gratitude we prepared the following rewards for you:

Personalized rewards:

for £10 we will send you a thank you message from the cast and crew.

or £20 and you will receive a sneak peek at our rehearsal footage

or £35 and you will receive a personalized thank you message from the cast and crew

for £50 you will get a personalized "Thank-you" video from the whole cast and crew!(TCs: Higher rewards include the rewards below them on the list.

Anonymised donations will not receive rewards as we cannot verify them.

Remember to tick the reward box on the right side!)

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Apart from donations, you can help us immensely by sharing our cause with your friends and family on social media! We are looking forward to seeing you at our opening night of 'BIG BAD' on the 9th and 10th of December