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Send the Aston Ravens to their third competition in one season for the first time...

Who are we?

The Aston Ravens are Aston University’s Official Cheerleading Club, catering for 60+ members consisting of training and social members. Our training members form one competition team and three stunt teams. We train twice a week to be able to compete at Future Cheer University Nationals and ICC University Nationals, two cheerleading competitions in the UK.

This is the fourth year the club will be competing with the teams growing in success and size each year. After our best ever result last year, with our Level 4 Stunt Team winning Grand Champions, we know we are destined for even more success in the future.

Our Goal?

Our goal is to raise £1500 to send our competition team and 3 stunt teams to a third competition in one season for the first time! Our competition team is made up of 35 girls competing in the Large Level 1 All Girls Division and each stunt team is made up of 5 girls, with each team competing in different level categories.

We train for 5 hours each week throughout the year to prepare ourselves for each competition, developing new skills and becoming better each week. Therefore, it would be incredible to be able to compete at another competition to show off our progress and represent the university further.

Entry Fees to Cheerleading Competitions are extremely expensive averaging £35 per athlete to enter, and as Cheerleading is not a BUCS recognised sport, this puts a large amount of pressure on the club and members to fund our own competition entry fees. On top of this, we are also required to fund our own coaching, transport and kit costs! A breakdown of the costs to send our teams to competition is as follows:

- Large Competition Team = £30 x 35 athletes = £1,050

- 3 Stunt Teams = £30 x 15 athletes = £450

- Cheerleading Uniform = £130

- Transportation = averages £200 per comp  

It is our dream as a club to compete at the British Cheer Association and with your help we will be able to fund the £1500 needed to go!!

Every little helps

Every donation, no matter how big or how small, will take us one step closer to achieving our goal. As a thank you to everyone who donates, we are offering exciting and exclusive rewards.

Alternatively, you could show your support by sharing our story and project with other people. This could be through Twitter, Facebook, mobile or even word-of-mouth. The more people that hear about us, the greater the chance of us succeeding. So please donate and share our story to help make this happen!

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