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What light through yonder screen breaks? It is the east...

You can help the Aston Drama Society to keep staging plays!

This year we were not able to stage our productions as intended. No productions means no ticket sales which are a necessity to keep our society running in the best possible way!

Even though acting online has been an amazing experience, it does not beat an actual play on stage. By donating to our society, you can influence our future productions and ensure that we can give our members and audience the best possible drama experience!

Romeo and Juliet as an online experience!

In this year's spring play, the Aston Drama Society presents the well known play "Romeo and Juliet"... in a slightly comedic way:

In a world where people rely more and more on online communications, two warring families, the Capulets and the Montagues, bring their ancient quarrels on the social media platform of Verona. Out of their raging disputes a love sprouts between the two heirs of the families. Join them on their tragic journey through numerous obstacles and vicious interactions.

The play will be livestreamed on Wednesday the 12th of May at 7 pm. Get your tickets, free of charge, using the following link:

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Who WE are...

We are the Aston Drama Society, a group of international students who love to act. From beginners to more experienced actors, our society brings together a variety of talented people from different areas of study and a range of academic grades.

...and what we are doing

Since the creation of our society in 2016 we have performed in a variety of either well known or self-written plays such as "Snow White", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" or "Star Wars - A Forced Play". We participated in themed "Murder Mysteries" and joined events with other societies such as "WEST - Women in Engineering, Science and Technology".

Our plans changed greatly due to the pandemic. After cancelling our 2020 Spring play "Lord of the Flies" we hoped for the best in 2021. Not being able to meet up in person, we continued our weekly society sessions and rehearsals online. Our will to perform did not crumble and therefore we carried out our first online performance in Winter 2020/21, "The 12 Days of Christmas". Now, with newly gained experience and energy, "Romeo and Juliet" will be premiering on the 12th of May.

HELP US with our future productions

Here are some examples of what we can use the donations for:

  • £10 to £20 gives us the possibility of hiring proper lighting for future plays.
  • £40 to £70 could help us hire special stage equipment.
  • £120 are the costs to get scripts printed for the whole cast.
  • £300 can be used to purchase the licences for a variety of plays.


We are happy for every big or small donation! To express our gratitude we prepared the following rewards for you:   

Personalized rewards:

  • for £10 your name will be included in our social media shout-out about our top donors.
  • for £20 we will send you a signed card from the whole cast and the script to the play by email.
  • for £40 you will get a personalized "Thank-you" video from one of your favourite characters. (Write the name of the character in the comment section so that we know which one you would like to see!)
  • for £50 you will be immortalized in our script as an executive producer.

(Higher rewards include the rewards below them on the list! Remember to tick the reward box on the right side!)

Help us succeed!

Apart from donations you can help us immensly by sharing our cause with your friends and family on social media! We are looking forward to see you at our premier of "Romeo and Juliet".