Badminton Shuttlecock Fundraising

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Badminton shuttlecock fundraising

Our story

Badminton is the world’s fastest racket sport, but it is also one of the highest costing sports because the shuttles are very delicate and when hit at high speeds (sometimes over 200mph), they tend to break and are non reusable once broken.

Compared to sports like Football and Basketball, our costs are a lot higher. One football can last years, the same goes with basketballs and other sporting equipment. Shuttles only last a couple of games until you must purchase a new tube.

We have launched this fundraising project to seek for your generous support to help purchase shuttles and other equipment for our members, and to help cover court costs.

We appreciate all the donations we get and hope we can provide the best quality sessions to all our members !

Who are we?

Aston Hawks Badminton Club is an ever-growing, motivated sports club at Aston University; a club that strives to provide the best and friendliest service to all students. Encouraging freshers and returning students (non-aston students also welcomed!) to keep fit, have fun and make new friends throughout their journey at Aston. 

Where will the money go?

100% of the money raised will be use to purchase shuttles and other equipment (eg. Rackets, court fees) needed for our members.

  • Average cost of 1x Shuttle tube £22
  • Average cost of 1x racket restring £12

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