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Completion Date: Fri 15 Jul 2022
Womens' safety rating app for venues in Birmingham.

A short summary of OUR project

80% of women feel unsafe on a night out, 1/3 of all women's harassment happens in a bar, pub or club and 79% of women expect to be harassed every single time they go out. Spiking, inappropriate touching and staring has seen a year-on-year rise in the UK.

Our vision is to develop a platform that will hold venues accountable for the culture of harassment that they so frequently allow on their premises. SafeQueen is an app which will inform the everyday person of those occurrences so they can make an educated choice about where they choose to have fun. Through the app, anonymous reports of women's harassment and safety reviews can be posted by women who experience it, and people who witness it. Both reports and reviews will turn into safety ratings that people can consider for a safer and more relaxed night out.

Women have the right to a safe night-out too!

Safe Queen will act as a personification of a friend who warns you of potential distress or harm to your safety. 


Who are we?

We are 3 women with different personalities, we all enjoy going out and deserve to feel comfortable outside our homes. Each member of SafeQueen represents a different kind of woman, and we all stand united in this fight. We all come from different cultures, have different skin, and under that skin have different morals and opinions; yet, this issue does not discriminate.

The city of Birmingham united the three of us. Together, we got to experience its great night life, which people choose constantly to have fun. Birmingham and its people deserve a safe and fun night-out, and SafeQueen is here to make it happen. 



Safe Queen was born at the end of November 2021, however the idea for such platform has been in our minds for a long time. Ever since we became of age and started going out we noticed that harassment was a huge part of our nights out. Not only clubs, but bars and pubs have unsafe cultures too. So many times when we were standing in the queue to get into a venue or event, strangers would walk up to us and warn us not to go inside because of the unsafe culture. Safe Queen aims to be those people who warn you of unsafe places. We have been speaking to people when we go out to see how they feel about a service such as Safe Queen and the response we have gotten was immense.

From our research we have noticed that our competitive environment is made up of two segments: Review and React platforms. SafeQueen comes to introduce a new segment in the market: Harassment prevention platform. Many people turn to review platforms to report harassment, however those are lost to opinions of food and atmosphere. As per react platforms, they provide a different approach which uses location and behaviour-tracking solutions.

SafeQueen will stick with the users who submit reports, sending them follow-up emails and directing them to the proper support, as well as guiding them if they choose to have the matter investigated. We also plan to provide consulting to help venues improve their culture by training their employees to handle harassment incidents.

Where will the money go?

  • SafeQueen requires £6,000-£8,000 for app development. The platform will have a secure verification system to minimise fake reporting and protect the user's data.SafeQueen has won the Aston Enterprise Pitching Competition 2022, and have a small capital; however, we need your help to make Birmingham night-out culture safer.

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