Drum Kit

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This project received pledges on Fri 21 Dec 2018
Help Aston's Music Society buy our much needed new drum kit!

What are we raising money for?

We are raising £800 to help Aston University Music Society buy a new drum kit. With a new kit, our concerts can be bigger, better and louder than ever! 

who are we?

A.U.M.S. is a student led society at Aston university in Birmingham's city centre. We run weekly rehearsals for our 3 ensembles (Big Band, Orchestra and Choir). With the addition of a new drum kit, we are hoping to expand our concerts and encourage greater collaboration between our ensembles. Each year we hold a Christmas concert and another concert just before the Easter holiday, which many students, staff, friends and family attend. Our aim as a society is to always be improving in every way we can, and our new drum kit will give us such a boost!

What will these funds go towards?

Any funds raised will be put towards our new drum kit. The type of kit we are hoping to buy is in the region of £800-£1000...and of course, the more money we can raise, the higher quality kit we can afford!

We appreciate that, especially for students, cash is tight and even if you can't contribute to our fund, please share this fundraiser with friends and alumni so more people can view and support our amazing project!!!